About Chandler


My name is Chandler Torbett and I am extremely excited to announce my candidacy for the Oklahoma House of Representatives. 

I grew up in Okmulgee working the presses at Torbett Printing, the downtown print shop run by my family for nearly 90 years. Here, under the guidance of my grandparents, Bill and Elizabeth Torbett, I learned the value of working hard, which occasionally requires getting your hands dirty. Paper cuts aside, I have very fond memories of my childhood in Okmulgee, including the Pecan Festivals and the 50s Bashes. I attended high school in Morris, and still attend church there. My grandparents, Don and Barbara Gaither, were active in the community for nearly 50 years. My grandfather, Don, served the community for many years as the mayor and pastor of our church. As the proud son, grandson, and nephew of preachers, my faith plays a major role in my everyday life.  I am also a proud citizen of the Muscogee Nation.

While in high school I learned the value of teamwork from 4 years of varsity football. As an offensive lineman, if I didn’t work my hardest on every play, my team would suffer. The same was true about my time playing football at The University of Tulsa.  Accountability and communication were key to success, a principle I still live by today. After high school I continued my education at Oklahoma State where I graduated in three years. Upon obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree from OSU, I attended law school at the University of Oklahoma, where I met my girlfriend, Mackenzie Coplen. Mackenzie shares my belief in the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community. Mackenzie will be joining me on the campaign trail, along with our huskies, Koda & Harley. 

After graduating law school I chose to come home to Okmulgee and open a law firm of my own. It hasn’t been easy, but to serve the community that I love every day is an absolute blessing.    

I credit my educational successes to my parents, Russell and Leah Torbett, for fostering in me a desire to never stop learning, and in my incredible teachers who worked tirelessly to make me believe in myself, and gave me the tools I needed to continue my education. 

I, along with my entire family, am incredibly excited to start this journey and grateful for the opportunities ahead to meet the citizens of District 16. As your Representative, if you will have me, I promise to work tirelessly to be a voice for everyday Oklahomans. Thank you.